The original church was built on the banks of Grassy Creek, hence the name. It was built of logs, used as a place of worship on Sundays and used as the local school during the week. When the building burned, the congregation attended other churches in the area, sometimes having to drive rather long distances in wagons or buggies to worship. Members of the congregation met at various schoolhouses throughout 1876 to discuss building a new church. Committees were appointed, and plans made to build a frame building for the purpose of worship at the junction of three roads north of Louisiana, MO. The building was completed in 1877 and was called the Grassy Creek Baptist church. There were two others churches at this junction, one on each corner. Grassy Creek church is the only church still at the junction of the three roads. Our church is, however, not the original building. The original building burned on Christmas Eve, 1947. An army chapel was purchased and erected at the site and worship services continue to this day. Many improvements have been made to the building through the years.