Pastor Brook Kurth
As a child I was raised in the Church of Christ.  A family friend witnessed to my mother for some time, and she became a Christian through that witness.  My mother began taking my two sisters and me to Immanuel Baptist Church in Wausau, Wisconsin. There we became active in the AWANA club and I accepted Christ at age 11 one Wednesday night. We left the Church of Christ and started going to Immanuel Baptist and began to grow under true Bible teaching.

I moved around a lot as a child, and lived in numerous states. Each time we moved, we also had to search for a good church that taught the Word of God.  This was actually harder than you might think. This gave me an opportunity to see several different denominations and types of churches. I realized how important it is for a Christian to study their Bible so they can know what it says instead of just taking someone else’s word for it.  The Bible gives the good news of salvation that is offered through faith in Jesus, and also gives us instruction on how to live our lives, worship, and witness.  If anyone fails to read the Bible for themselves, they can easily be deceived. Based on what I have read in Scripture, I am a Baptist. Baptist doctrine is solidly based in Scripture and holds that the Bible alone is our source of truth and authority, as individuals and as a church.

In the mid 80’s our family moved to Indiana. It was there that I graduated from high school and was looking for what to do with my life. I spent a summer working at a camp called Camp New Berean in Bean Blossom, Indiana. I was amazed as I saw the Lord working through me. I began to feel that the Lord had something special for me to do for Him.  It was there that I surrendered to His call to go into the ministry. I loved working with youth, and felt that this was where God wanted me.  I enrolled in Heritage Baptist University in Greenwood, Indiana and began college for youth ministry.

 Many things changed for me during those first couple years. Pastor Roger Murphy, one of my professors, invited me to come and work with him at Charity Baptist Church in Clermont, Indiana.  I took the position and began a 12-year ministry and learning experience under his leadership. I married my wife Kathy, whom I had known since I was about 10 years old.  I also felt the Lord’s direction that I become a pastor, rather than a youth minister.  I still love to work with children but I am confident that this is what God wants me to do.

In September of 2000 our family moved to Missouri. I came knowing I had a job with the Missouri Department of Corrections, but was unclear as to the ministry that lay ahead. At Hannibal LaGrange College, I was put on the list of preachers for pulpit supply and filled in wherever I was needed.  We also joined First Baptist Church of New London, and helped out there in various ministries.

 One day I got a call that would change my life. It was from Grassy Creek Baptist Church, needing someone to come and preach that Sunday.  As I said earlier, I have been in many churches, but the minute I arrived I knew it was something special.  The atmosphere was one of friends and family, and the love of God was quite evident. I was happy when I was invited back the next week, then the next…  Eventually, the Lord worked things out and I am now blessed to be their pastor.

I would like to welcome you to join us in worship and Bible study. If you live elsewhere, I would like to encourage you to read God’s Word for yourself, and get involved in a good Bible believing church.  There is really nothing like being part of the family of God.

God bless,
Pastor Brook Kurth